Protecting Good

The Protecting Good: strengthen, repair and protect pilot initiative is currently underway in Druid Hills, Fountain Heights, Norwood, and Evergreen. The program represents the opportunity for qualified homes to receive up to $10,000 for a roof replacement to the FORTIFIED™ standard in order to mitigate wind damage. Strengthen Alabama Homes, a grant program of the Alabama Department of Insurance, assists homeowners with protecting their homes by meeting the FORTIFIED™ standard. Qualified homes/homeowners may receive additional funding to provide necessary home repair work under the program. This is a joint effort by the State Department of Insurance and the City of Birmingham. One hundred (100) homes are part of the initiative that will continue through yearend September 30, 2022.

Applications can be submitted now to be included in the 2022 Protecting Good program.

All interested homeowners should complete this application and associated paperwork to be placed on the list of homes for review.  We will confirm that we have received your full application, but you should be aware that additional paperwork may be requested over the next couple months in order to help you qualify to receive additional funding should the estimate exceed $10,000 or additional repairs be needed.

If your home needs but does not qualify for this additional funding, you would still have the opportunity to have a roof replacement to the FORTIFIED™ standard but would be responsible for the unfunded portion. Full information about the cost of repair work and the available funding will be disclosed. You will be notified of the extent of unfunded repairs before ANY work begins.

In order to receive the Strengthen Alabama Homes grant, you must have homeowner’s insurance with wind coverage OR you must put that insurance in place when the renovation has been completed.  If you fail to get the insurance at the conclusion of the renovation you will be required to re-pay the grant amount up to $10,000. You should check with your insurer, even if you already have coverage, as you may receive a discount on your insurance rates for having a FORTIFIED roof.

The easiest way to see that your application is complete and will get processed quickly is to come to an application workshop at the Habitat Birmingham office. Please call 205.780.1234 for more information and to sign up!

Please be patient with the process. Something this good will take time to do right. We will contact you when any additional information is needed or when we are ready to proceed, but it is not necessary for you to follow up by phone.

Checklist for Protecting Good Application 

  1. Strengthen Alabama Homes Application
    • – Application must be signed and notarized
    • – Most banks have a notary available
    • – If you are unable to get a notary, you may call our office and make an appointment to sign at the office with a notary
  2. State of Alabama Disclosure Statement
    • – This form must also be notarized
  3. Habitat for Humanity FORTIFIED Roof Installation Agreement

Additional Funding Application
Completed items 1, 2, and 3 above. 

  • – City of Birmingham Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application 
  • – Proof of Homeownership (Recorded Deed)
  • – Income documents (1040 Federal Tax Form, Social Security Disbursement Letter, VA benefit statement, or other documents for each person in the home over 18 years old)
  • – Copy of flood insurance policy (if in flood zone)
  • – Copy of your personal identification
    • This can be a driver’s license or other government-issued identification with a photo

Use any of these methods to submit your application packet:

  • – Scan and email to 
  • – Mail to Protecting Good c/o Institute for Financial Education, 710 13th St S, Suite 153, Birmingham, AL 35294
  • – Put in envelope and drop in drop box at our office at 4408 Lloyd Noland Pkwy, Fairfield AL 35064

Protective Life Corporation, the State Department of Insurance, the City of Birmingham, and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham are very pleased to come together to bring this assistance to the residents of Druid Hills, Fountain Heights, Norwood, and Evergreen. 


Protecting Good SAH Full Packet